Writing Naked

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This was a post from March of 2011.

At first blush you might think those pain pills have really started to warp my mind. Of course that is assuming I had a mind to begin. Of course if you prefer to write with no clothes that is your choice.

Writing naked is the type of writing that many struggle to get. That is writing whatever comes to your heart without editing. Not one single word. That would seem a simple thing to do but is it? We are all raised with censors of one type or another. How many of us would really want to write what we are really thinking? Would you really want the world to know that you think your really are awful in relationships? Or that you really wish your spouse would simply shut up? Or that special one in your life you think is fat…

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Nobody Knows The Face of Depression

Originally posted on Change is Never Ending:

In listening to Kevin Sharp singing “Nobody Knows” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wExJDsdExnA) it got me thinking. The song itself is about a lost love yet it does have a message to those who deal with people who suffer from serious depression. There is a line in the song that goes ” nights are lonely and the days are so sad”. That is the life of those who suffer from serious depression. These people are dying inside and nobody truly know the pain they are going through . I’m not talking about physical pain but an emotional pain that is so deep that most people simply have no concept of that level of pain. I refer to it as the hole. This place is a very tiny place where all rational thought simply goes away. The last time I was in the hole about a month or so I really don’t know…

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We Don’t Talk Often Enough

Hello old friend. I’m back again. I get so busy with everything else in life that I forget you sometimes. I don’t really mean or want this to happen but it does. I know it leaves a void in me when I don’t come around as often as I should. You are the one place that I can come and just be me. Why don’t I come more often? You know its been a rough spell with Nance the last several months. Dealing with the whole concept of being alone is scary. Her and I have our differences about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I knew how the cards were dealt when we first married. For years the huge age difference didn’t matter but now it does. I see her sleeping and I wonder if she will awaken. One day I know she won’t. Will there be another woman come along? Of course I have no way of knowing. Just to be touched and held and to be able to pamper a woman would fill me with such joy. Those days may be done too. I don’t know. All I know is that we shouldn’t be such strangers and for that I am truly sorry………..