We Don’t Talk Often Enough

Hello old friend. I’m back again. I get so busy with everything else in life that I forget you sometimes. I don’t really mean or want this to happen but it does. I know it leaves a void in me when I don’t come around as often as I should. You are the one place that I can come and just be me. Why don’t I come more often? You know its been a rough spell with Nance the last several months. Dealing with the whole concept of being alone is scary. Her and I have our differences about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I knew how the cards were dealt when we first married. For years the huge age difference didn’t matter but now it does. I see her sleeping and I wonder if she will awaken. One day I know she won’t. Will there be another woman come along? Of course I have no way of knowing. Just to be touched and held and to be able to pamper a woman would fill me with such joy. Those days may be done too. I don’t know. All I know is that we shouldn’t be such strangers and for that I am truly sorry………..

Another Open Letter to Bras

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Dear Bras

I tried to ditch you for a week but it turns out going braless is more complicated than it sounds. That’s mainly because I don’t have enough alternatives yet. The time I did spend without you though was actually quite enjoyable. There were no straps digging into my shoulders or red marks around my ribs where you’d been too tight and yet somehow still not tight enough. I didn’t have to worry about showing too much cleavage or about a nipple slipping out because there was nothing pushing my boobs up. It was fun and I felt liberated.

Our week apart ended up only lasting about four days, and I even cheated on the third by wearing a non-underwired bra (although I’m not going to count it as it’s only the underwired kind I’m fed up with.) It’s easy to go braless in the house but not so easy…

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Yikes: Women Are Now Getting Bras Surgically Implanted Under Their Skin

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When it comes to plastic surgery, we thought we had pretty much seen it all—butt implants, foot re-shaping, and women who have had so much facial reconstruction that they end up looking like completely different people—but this just-announced procedure from the U.K. officially takes the cake. According to the Daily Mail, women are having bras implanted under their skin—a crazy setup of silk straps and silicone cups—all held in place with titanium screws driven into the rib cage.

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What?! According to breast surgeon Jian Farhadi, three women have successfully undergone the surgery, which serves to permanently lift the breasts in the same way a normal bra does, and aims to allow women to never have to wear a bra again. Check out the illustration of how it works:

bra surgery

Photo: Daily Mail

Is it just us…

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Tulane report shows health disparities for women, girls in Greater N.O.

Originally posted on Global Health Spring/Summer 2014:

A Tulane University report highlights social factors including race, age and gender that contribute to stark disparities in health and economic outcomes for women and girls in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

The report finds that African-American women lag behind in numerous health indicators with higher rates of sexually transmitted infections than white women, higher breast cancer mortality rates as well as higher infant mortality rates in spite of fairly similar rates of prenatal care. Other findings reveal poor progress regardless of race. All women have substantially lower earning power across all industry types compared to men, and 40 percent of girls under 18 live below the federal poverty level.


Dr. Katherine Theall has authored a study that highlights the gaps between the health of white and black women and girls in the Greater New Orleans area.

“The report highlights continuing gaps between white and black women and girls across numerous…

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Can You Stop Complaining? (Seriously)

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Years ago, one of my closest friends, a former cheerleader, called me to announce that she was going to stop complaining for a month. “That’s great,” I responded. “But maybe try 24 hours first and see how it goes.” We laughed. But she did pretty well. To this day, she always leads with the good and looks on the bright side when it comes to the bad. I adore her.

Other friends are the opposite. They lead with the negative — and stay there. I adore them too, but can only tolerate this up to a point. It’s not that I don’t understand hard times, depression, job/partner/life/money dissatisfaction. I DO. But once I feel a person has sufficiently vented (30 minutes is about all I can handle), the “fixer” in me starts suggesting things they could be doing to alleviate their situation.

“Have you thought of this or that?” I venture. “Well, no I haven’t actually,”…

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