Try to be alone, but not so lonely

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So lately I have been reading a book on gender and human relationships written by a Taiwanese female writer. I know. It sounds weird, right? Seems like only lonely aging women would be interested in reading this kind of stuff. Who could afford the time for that? But there you go, I got my eye on this seemingly inspiring book on the shelves and was determined to finish it up.

I am more than half way through the book, and a message conveyed to me is the importance of being one’s true self. One key to achieving this is the ability to be solitary. Being alone allows you to fix problems by yourself, thereby pushing you to become a stronger person. It also encourages you to take control of your own life and be proactive. “Who do you want to be?” “What kind of person you truly are?” Instead of “What…

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Whole Wheat Mixed Berry Muffin

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Aria is by far a muffin queen– requesting one each and ever time we walk into a coffee shop or out to lunch. I’ve told her one can’t exist on muffins alone but she doesn’t quite seem to understand. Often we grab a Chia Muffin from Le Pan Quotidien which I feel is better than most, but unfortunately, most muffins out there are filled with sugar and fat (and have very little nutritional value).  I recently decided to bake some myself modifying a typical blueberry muffin recipe with whole wheat flour and a few other healthier alternatives. These are still moist and delicious and make me feel a whole lot better about passing them into her little muffin grabbing hands. They also freeze very well!

Very Berry Whole Wheat  Muffins

very berry healthy muffins wheat 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 cup of…

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Come Sweat or Stain

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Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio

Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio
Carhartt Force / Kate Silvio

Remember Detroit artist, Kate Silvio? Along her path to becoming a craftsperson, she’s picked up many useful trades and skills. Metal fabrication being one of them. Working in the metal shop can be extremely physical labor. After all the welding, cutting, bending, and hammering it’s easy to work up quite a sweat. That’s why Carhartt Force is perfect for a rigorous day on the job. It’s made with FastDry® technology for quick wicking, Stain Breaker™ technology that releases stains, and the fabric fights odors to boot.

Take a look at some of Kate’s work here
Check out what she’s wearing: Carhartt Women’s Force Performance Shirt, Women’s Original-Fit Canvas Dungaree, Rapid City Utility Work Apron, and Women’s Soft Hands Gloves.

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The Obession with Women’s Breast

We as a culture that is obsessed with women’s breast by both men and women. If step back and take a look at the culture it happens every minute of everyday. For large breasted women it can be a real nightmare. The health issues alone can be staggering. They are often gawked at when all they did was walk into a room. I know there are those women who have taken steps to enlarge their breast by choice. That is their right. For most women though their large breast are a function of her unique DNA which she had no control over.

Most men think it is their right so see and touch a women’s breast whenever they want to do so. That is wrong. Most women fall in the middle of the breast size spectrum. That is the reality.

There is one big exception to all of this and that is for women that have fought breast cancer. The rules for them are different.

So summertime is fast approaching and the obsession with a woman’s breast will continue to explode. In reality it doesn’t matter what her breast size is or is not. It’s what’s inside her heart that matters.

Young Women Under Attack

In a world of constant pressure to be perfect (whatever that means) many young women feel pressured feel the need to not be themselves. Just look at any magazine rack and the pressure to be thin or have a certain body type. In the end those things don’t matter. Trying to get young women to understand what is going on is so difficult. They see these images of women being thin with a outfit that fits perfect.

Here is a fact. The average size of a woman in this country is a 14. You never see many of those women on magazine covers. Young women need to understand that although there are men who like women like most men don’t. There is a saying that goes “you can’t stay in the bedroom 24 hours a day 7 days a week”.  Of course men are visual creatures and that won’t change what needs to change is supporting young women to understand they are special regardless of what the culture says.