Her Glimmer

There are times in life that a woman inters your life at the most unexpected time. She has a glimmer about her that simply cannot be denied. She touches your heart and she doesn’t even know it. She is on your mind night and day and no matter what you do you simply can’t stop! Is she the most physically beautiful woman you have ever known? No. Not by a long shot. She has that whatever it is that you simply can never explain. The simple sound of her voice or the look in her eyes makes your heart melt. You are willing to do anything for her and all she has to do is ask. With that can bring complications that you would never even dreamed of a few weeks ago. Yet you don’t care. It could blow up your entire life and it still wouldn’t matter. As long as she is happy and you listen to her and follow her wishes. That is the easy part. The hard part is keeping your heart from melting in a way that you could never imagine.

Bra Shopping

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Standing in a change room at Myer being cross examined by both an older lingerie sales woman and my mother I immediately feel my age drop from 31 back to 11. That god awful first time you were fitted for your first bra. The sales woman orders me to bend at my waist and I oblige fully knowing what is coming. She undoes the back of the bra and wiggles my boobs as I stare mournfully at the sight in the mirror.

I think there’s 3 evils of shopping when it comes to us womenfolk. 1) swimmer shopping 2) jeans shopping and, 3) bra shopping. It is no wonder that, according to Sports Medicine Australia, 85% of Australian women are walking around wearing the wrong bra size. We’ve all been affected by those horrible change room experiences and so often just grab a bra, hope it holds us in and…

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Too Far Away

Its times of great pain that the miles apart seem like they are double or even tripled. Sure you can e-mail or talk on the phone but its not the same. It simply isn’t. That was one of the great fears of social planners of the 1940’s when they started talking about an interstate highway system. There fear was families would simply get to spread out over time which has become true. That of course doesn’t include the explosion of air traffic since then. So what are families supposed to do? There are only so many long trips you can take. Employers are not going to let people off work every time someone dies. They simply aren’t.

Where to Begin

Life can throw so many twist and turns your way that just about time you think you have it all figure out something else happens. This seems to be the case the older you get. I think its funny when young people yearn to grow up. Kids here is some advice. You can wait! You just never know when someone or something is going to change everything. A simple e-mail can result in news that your cousin has lost her husband . She walked in on him.  He was 55 the exact same age as me. Now that will get your heart to stop that is for sure. As I said to another cousin this afternoon there are never the right words. Never. You can try and find them but you simply never will. It does make you sit back and look at your life again. If you don’t then you don’t have a clue about life.

Writing Naked

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This was a post from March of 2011.

At first blush you might think those pain pills have really started to warp my mind. Of course that is assuming I had a mind to begin. Of course if you prefer to write with no clothes that is your choice.

Writing naked is the type of writing that many struggle to get. That is writing whatever comes to your heart without editing. Not one single word. That would seem a simple thing to do but is it? We are all raised with censors of one type or another. How many of us would really want to write what we are really thinking? Would you really want the world to know that you think your really are awful in relationships? Or that you really wish your spouse would simply shut up? Or that special one in your life you think is fat…

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Nobody Knows The Face of Depression

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In listening to Kevin Sharp singing “Nobody Knows” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wExJDsdExnA) it got me thinking. The song itself is about a lost love yet it does have a message to those who deal with people who suffer from serious depression. There is a line in the song that goes ” nights are lonely and the days are so sad”. That is the life of those who suffer from serious depression. These people are dying inside and nobody truly know the pain they are going through . I’m not talking about physical pain but an emotional pain that is so deep that most people simply have no concept of that level of pain. I refer to it as the hole. This place is a very tiny place where all rational thought simply goes away. The last time I was in the hole about a month or so I really don’t know…

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