Keep Smiling!

No matter what is happening in your life always remember to keep smiling. I know there are times when its simply not possible ( like the loss of a loved one) but even then it is possible to put a smile on your face. In most cases ( not all) isn’t that what your loved one would have wanted? When you smile it makes you feel better and it can also have the world wonder what you may be up to. Sometimes a smile is a mask for an “oh really” moment. You know those moments when something just makes you wonder what someone else was thinking. So keep smiling and just maybe the world will smile back at you. If nothing else the world may wonder what you are up too!

Losing Siblings Game Changer

Well we lost my wife’s oldest sister this past Wednesday. That is the first sibling we have lost. Its a game changer and it does make one think of their own mortality. She was 68 and my wife is 64. That will cause you to stop and think. When thinking of one’s own mortality it makes you look back as well as forward about your life. At 55 now I hope I have made positive influences on some people’s lives. The thing is in many situations you simply have no way of knowing.  Days turn into weeks which turn into months that turn into years and they all fly by way to fast. You look up one day and wonder where has all the time gone? In your youth you thought you had all kinds of time and yet with a quick glance time has flown by and you are left to wonder where did it go? All you can do is look to the future and make sure you do make a difference in someone else’s life before its too late.

Mental Health Issues Don’t Take a Day Off!

One of the frustrating things in finding a new psychiatrist (besides the insurance issues) is dealing with the psychiatrist offices themselves. Many of the attitudes I have run across have been appalling to say the least. They are often slow to react and seem to treat you like this is a medical condition. It is not and in many ways it is much more serious. Its easy for them to say  “thanks for calling”  and that takes them off the hook.  If a psychiatrist is not taking new patients then just be honest with people and tell them straight up so they can move on and try and find someone else.  We are potentially talking about someone being suicidal or in need of help. If one more of the offices tell me it will be several months I might just scream. They tell medical offices they are taking new patients but often don’t tell them how long they will have to wait to get to see the psychiatrist. All the while the patient who very well could be going through a living hell inside their heads are left out to dry and many simple just give up trying. Then something horrible happens and of course these psychiatrist offices go on about their merry way and never have to live with the consequences.

Outpatient Mental Health System is Broken

The following is a true story. I know of someone who has been suicidal for weeks and yet the system has failed this person to no end. This person has tried for weeks to get in to see a Psychiatrist and all this person is told that it will be several weeks if not months before this person can be seen and frankly this person spends their day “white knuckling” it just to get through each hour and there is no one willing to step up and help. Many of the responses this person is getting is frankly rude and uncaring. We are talking about someone who is trying to do the right thing and reach and all they get is slapped in the face. All their  PCP does is give this person names of Psychiatrist  offices to call or if things get really bad they can go to the ER. The ER sounds like a safe place but the fact is they are not equipped to handle mental health issues. Then there is the potential of trying to get an emergency admission into a facility in which they basically take all of your rights away. So what is the person supposed to do? The hope is this person doesn’t give up all together and does end their life. Then there will be tears as to what happened and nobody will know the true story. That is the mental health system has failed once again to save a life that didn’t need to end.

Writing Naked

Change is Never Ending

This was a post from March of 2011.

At first blush you might think those pain pills have really started to warp my mind. Of course that is assuming I had a mind to begin. Of course if you prefer to write with no clothes that is your choice.

Writing naked is the type of writing that many struggle to get. That is writing whatever comes to your heart without editing. Not one single word. That would seem a simple thing to do but is it? We are all raised with censors of one type or another. How many of us would really want to write what we are really thinking? Would you really want the world to know that you think your really are awful in relationships? Or that you really wish your spouse would simply shut up? Or that special one in your life you think is fat…

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Nobody Knows The Face of Depression

Change is Never Ending

In listening to Kevin Sharp singing “Nobody Knows” ( it got me thinking. The song itself is about a lost love yet it does have a message to those who deal with people who suffer from serious depression. There is a line in the song that goes ” nights are lonely and the days are so sad”. That is the life of those who suffer from serious depression. These people are dying inside and nobody truly know the pain they are going through . I’m not talking about physical pain but an emotional pain that is so deep that most people simply have no concept of that level of pain. I refer to it as the hole. This place is a very tiny place where all rational thought simply goes away. The last time I was in the hole about a month or so I really don’t know…

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