Family Void Hurts

As many celebrate mother’s day it can serve as a reminder for many the void that is left in their hearts without really having a family. Sure there are those that are family but you never hear from them or see them. It makes it tough especially when you are in a fight for your life. One of the big fears of the social planners of the 1940’s was with the advent of the interstate highway systems the culture and families would become too spread out. That was of course was before all the new modern forms of transportation.  Sadly they were right and it has caused such damage to the culture. Especially as you get older you realize what a deep void there is and I’m not sure there is a way to fix it. So you try not to think about it but there are times that it is simply not possible. Days like mother’s day make you realize how much you are missing and decisions you made long ago came at a price that you never fully understood.

Women Are Not Objects

Men with summer fast approaching you can’t wait to see the ladies in their newest bikini’s or even less. The thing is women are not objects for you to gawk at or make inappropriate comments about. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing more beautiful than a woman but just because she is wearing a certain kind of clothing doesn’t mean she is fair game for your thoughts, words, actions or deeds. It is basically a hands off policy unless she says its ok. Women are not objects and skimpier is not always better. There is something to be said for a classy looking woman. Then again ladies the truth is if you let everything show then men will look. Keep in mind that men are visual creatures and their eyes might take how you are dressed as an invitation for something more. I’m not saying its right because its not but you need to be aware.

A Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Start to the Month of May

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You all know fiction writers are a little crazy, right? I mean, we make stuff up and call it work! It is work, of course. Making make believe believable is danged hard work. Well, just so I can drive myself a little crazier, I decided to put my first two novels on sale. This rock-bottom price sale on The Brevity of Roses and An Illusion of Trust will run for one week on Amazon US and UK. Rock bottom means 99-cents or 99-pence! That’s right—less than a dollar or a pound, so get ‘em now. Just click on the book covers below.

The Brevity of Roses: A man discovers himself through the two women he loves.An Illusion of Trust: A woman learns to trust love by facing her abusive childhood.

tea_front_widgetI may bite my fingernails to the quick this month. My romantic comedy, High Tea & Flip Flops, is still vying for a KindleScout publishing contract. Have you nominated it yet? If each person who’s subscribed to this blog clicked the book cover –> and then hit…

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Keep Smiling!

No matter what is happening in your life always remember to keep smiling. I know there are times when its simply not possible ( like the loss of a loved one) but even then it is possible to put a smile on your face. In most cases ( not all) isn’t that what your loved one would have wanted? When you smile it makes you feel better and it can also have the world wonder what you may be up to. Sometimes a smile is a mask for an “oh really” moment. You know those moments when something just makes you wonder what someone else was thinking. So keep smiling and just maybe the world will smile back at you. If nothing else the world may wonder what you are up too!

Losing Siblings Game Changer

Well we lost my wife’s oldest sister this past Wednesday. That is the first sibling we have lost. Its a game changer and it does make one think of their own mortality. She was 68 and my wife is 64. That will cause you to stop and think. When thinking of one’s own mortality it makes you look back as well as forward about your life. At 55 now I hope I have made positive influences on some people’s lives. The thing is in many situations you simply have no way of knowing.  Days turn into weeks which turn into months that turn into years and they all fly by way to fast. You look up one day and wonder where has all the time gone? In your youth you thought you had all kinds of time and yet with a quick glance time has flown by and you are left to wonder where did it go? All you can do is look to the future and make sure you do make a difference in someone else’s life before its too late.

You Should’ve Called

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When the twins had colic and cut their first teeth,
When measles were making the rounds,
When storms and tornadoes cut a swath through our town,
When laundry buried us beneath.

You should’ve called.

When one took her first steps right into my arms,
When they learned to spell and to add.
When one covered the bedroom walls with plaid,
And the other ate only Lucky Charms.

You should’ve called.

When we stayed up late for yet another project at school,
When they were banned from the daddy-daughter ball.
When one took to singing, the other to basketball,
And both went to detention for breaking rules.

You should’ve called.

Term papers, braces, learning to drive,
First dates, heartbreaks, and prom.
Completing college applications with aplomb.
The pride of seeing them both thrive.

Moving away, new studies, and the oddest of roommates,
Learning how to manage their time.
Then living off…

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Mental Health Issues Don’t Take a Day Off!

One of the frustrating things in finding a new psychiatrist (besides the insurance issues) is dealing with the psychiatrist offices themselves. Many of the attitudes I have run across have been appalling to say the least. They are often slow to react and seem to treat you like this is a medical condition. It is not and in many ways it is much more serious. Its easy for them to say  “thanks for calling”  and that takes them off the hook.  If a psychiatrist is not taking new patients then just be honest with people and tell them straight up so they can move on and try and find someone else.  We are potentially talking about someone being suicidal or in need of help. If one more of the offices tell me it will be several months I might just scream. They tell medical offices they are taking new patients but often don’t tell them how long they will have to wait to get to see the psychiatrist. All the while the patient who very well could be going through a living hell inside their heads are left out to dry and many simple just give up trying. Then something horrible happens and of course these psychiatrist offices go on about their merry way and never have to live with the consequences.