The Five Senses and Your Vagina

Lets Talk About Sex!

I know that in general, there is a lot of vagina hate going around. More or less, it comes from everyone – sexist bores that don’t have anything better to do with their time, advertising companies, women who hate their vagina’s and want everyone else to hate as well.

Turns out though, that vagina’s are a great part of a woman’s body! The vagina supports two main functions – sexual orgasm, and child birth. In my not so humble opinion, those two functions make the vagina one of the most important parts on my body! I’ve had to learn to love my vagina…. even though one of my biggest arguments, is that I can’t see it. I think that if my vag and I should be friends, then I should be able to have a good long visual once in awhile. But I love my beating heart, even though I…

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My Vagina Is Not A Revolving Door

The Inner Workings of a Truth Seeker

I’ve written this post over 2 days.  It has given me a bit of insight into where my emotions are coming from and the processing process.

I have been under-the-surface angry all day without really knowing why until I thought about last night.

I was feeling a bit disjointed and it crossed my mind that maybe I needed a ‘release’. I usually do it to some seductively dark and deep music (think Massive Attack’s Mezzanine) with no visuals. I usually try to tune into my body. But this time, I thought I’d watch something. Now, I used to watch porn on pornhub but realized that what I found there was gross and I would usually hunt around trying to find one that would suit what I wanted and it took ages, but what I usually found was lesbian erotica. Sensual and seductive. So…I tried to find erotica videos. Free ones…

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God, Guts, and Glory

In America, nudity is an awesome subject.  Not just because it deals with things like boobs and penises, but because it provides examples of all of the confusing and wonky ideas that exist in the country.

I personally love nudity, I like to see my wife naked all the time.  When my kids were a little younger they loved nudity to the extent that we gave up trying to make them wear clothes.  Even my cat loves nudity; I’ve never actually seen him wear anything and that is some severe dedication to the idea.

However, even though nudity is generally liked in my household, when I google how other people feel about it or read a story about it, I get punched in the face with so many mixed ideas it is incredible.  Please find below some of the ideas that I find that just boggle my mind.

  1.  Magical…

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Sexual Frustration As What is Between My Legs Ache For Attention

As I age and my wife is no longer able to be intimate I spend countless hours yearning for a woman’s touch. I lay in bed at night and think of years gone by and those times I was intimate with other women and that causes a sudden erection that can go on for some time. It wouldn’t take much for me to what to reach out to other women. It is a very hard  ( really) situation to figure. You can only relieve  yourself so many times before that begins to not have the same enjoyment. There is nothing better in life than to be intimate with a woman. It’s not just about the act itself. It’s about all the touching and anticipation of what is about to come. ( literally) To feel a woman’s tenderness is something that is to be cherished and treated with the utmost respect. I suspect I am stuck in this situation and so what do I do with all the sexual frustration?

Finding the perfect plunge bra.


Who knew it was going to be such a massive stress to find a plunge bra?! I had been on the hunt for the perfect plunge bra for a few months to wear with my wedding dress before I found the right one. I tried on a number of different brands in a variety of sizes. I’ll talk you through them.

The first one I tried was the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless in Skin. It was a disaster. It was saggy and gave no support whatsoever. Also, my 38G boobs struggled to stay in a 38FF, but that was all they had in my size for me to try. I ordered it online in a 38G and still the same floppy disaster. The tops of the bra cups just flopped forwards. Never experienced anything like it. Total rubbish in my opinion.

Then I tried a Wacoal Plus Size Red Carpet Long…

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