The Struggle Continues

My wife continues to struggle with her health. We did finally discover what the problem is after many test. It is a staph infection in her liver probably caused by a root canal she had in September. They are making adjustment on something to try and get it to drain better. This is going to be a long battle.

Last Friday night my heart started racing and I called 911. This past Monday they put 4 stents in my heart. Talking about a wild trip. The Bible says that we are never given more than we can handle. My wife’s take is that my heart situation is that it was a good thing they found it so I would be in better shape.

6 thoughts on “The Struggle Continues”

  1. I had triple by-pass in 2006 and feel 20 years younger. There must be some dietary adjustments but such as bacon and pepperoni must go-animal fat in general. Sausage is a once or twice a month treat for me but I boil it first getting rid of at least half the fat. One of your medications will probably be a blood thinner rest of your life. You were wise to react quickly – I was very stupid in that regard. In the decade prior to the surgery I probably had 50 little baby heart attacks and half a dozen more serious ones without seeking treatment. I finally drove myself to the hospital (also stupid)in the midst of mild heart attack. In spite of all my heart is perhaps only 15% permanent damage. Yes you wife is right-seems God has additional plans for both of us by keeping us around a while longer. Best regards for your wife’s recovery.

    1. I was under very strict orders not to drive under any circumstances. I had a stroke in 2001 so I have been on a baby aspirin since. I asked my wife before all of this happen how much my doctor was going to change my life? She said a lot. I meet with the heart people next week. I just knew that I needed to get help. I did get today the ok from the insurance company. My wife is doing better today but we are not out of the woods. I do appreciate the kind words.

  2. Mercy, Duke, you and your wife have been through the mill, haven’t you? I’m glad to hear that at least you know what the problems are. Now the doctors can go about fixing them — and the two of you. You’re still in my prayers, my friend. Take care and don’t overdo!

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