We Don’t Talk Often Enough

Hello old friend. I’m back again. I get so busy with everything else in life that I forget you sometimes. I don’t really mean or want this to happen but it does. I know it leaves a void in me when I don’t come around as often as I should. You are the one place that I can come and just be me. Why don’t I come more often? You know its been a rough spell with Nance the last several months. Dealing with the whole concept of being alone is scary. Her and I have our differences about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I knew how the cards were dealt when we first married. For years the huge age difference didn’t matter but now it does. I see her sleeping and I wonder if she will awaken. One day I know she won’t. Will there be another woman come along? Of course I have no way of knowing. Just to be touched and held and to be able to pamper a woman would fill me with such joy. Those days may be done too. I don’t know. All I know is that we shouldn’t be such strangers and for that I am truly sorry………..

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